Over the years, I have developed and managed many websites including the ones below. Websites with an * may not be actively managed by me.

Rocket Project at UCLA

Rocket Project at UCLA is a student engineering team that teaches rocket engineering through hands-on exposure to the complete design-build-test cycle of engineering

Bruin Engineers Week

Bruin Engineers Week (E-Week) is an annual week-long series of events hosted by ESUC during Week 2 of Spring Quarter in celebration of all things engineering

FocusFirst: Do Your Work.

FocusFirst is an extension that uses AI to help you stay focused when you work on your computer by intelligently restricting access to distracting websites

Engineering Society at UCLA (ESUC)

ESUC is the umbrella organization that facilitates communication and events between the engineering student body and the UCLA School of Engineering

Winter Student Organization Activities Platform

Platform that connects as many UCLA students, in particular first years and transfer, to engineering organizations as possible

Moonshot: The Original vs. Modern Space Race

A timeline-based comparison between the original and modern space race presented in a first-person narrative

Engineering Welcome Day 2022

Event hosted by ESUC welcoming all the incoming students of the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering & Applied Science

Airtrace: Air Travel Data Analysis

Extrapolation of the human stories from datasets regarding air travel provided by the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics

The Need for Technology Cleanses

Twine game about the subject matter regarding the social and technological issue of social media addiction

Undegraduate Internship Program*

The Undergraduate Internship Program supports and facilitates students searching to secure their first industry internship

Undegraduate Research Program*

The Undergraduate Research Program supports undergraduate students currently conducting research in communicating and publishing their work

UCLA Engineering Student Leaders Guide*

Resource for leadership of the UCLA Samueli Engineering student organizations including helpful information on policies, procedures, and contacts with the School